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M2 Fitness Club is a dynamic company headquartered in Penang, Malaysia. Specializing in promoting holistic well-being, M2 Fitness Club stands out as a beacon of health and fitness in the community. At the heart of our operations is a state-of-the-art gym center, equipped with top-notch facilities and led by experienced trainers committed to helping individuals achieve their fitness goals. Beyond physical fitness, we also offers personalized healthy meal consultations, ensuring clients receive the necessary nutritional support to complement their exercise regimen.

M2 Fitness Club is one of the business models under the X-LINE platform from Taiwan. We do have a complete system that is easily be duplicated. X-LINE platform comprises 6 Major Platform and 9 Modes like Beauty, Gym/Sports Classroom, Jumping Class, E.M.S. (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), Vietnamese-style Hair Washing, Light Meals... We have a total of 136 branches across Asia, with 40 branches located in Malaysia, spread throughout the country. Our team in Malaysia manages 21 branches. Our business model is "Business to Customer ( B to C),Customer to Business (C to B)".

For more detailed information or specific inquiries, please feel free to ask our representative Sam

M2 Fitness Club 是一家充满活力的公司,总部位于马来西亚槟城。 M2 健身俱乐部专注于促进整体健康,成为社区健康和健身的灯塔。 我们运营的核心是最先进的健身中心,配备一流的设施,由经验丰富的教练领导,致力于帮助个人实现健身目标。 除了身体健康之外,我们还提供个性化的健康膳食咨询,确保客户获得必要的营养支持来补充他们的锻炼方案。

M2 Fitness Club是其中一种我们的商业模式,我们来自于台湾的X- LINE 平台拥有完善的系统容易复制,一共拥有6大平台9种模式:美容,健身房/运动教室,跳床班,E.M.S.,越式洗头,轻食...目前在全亚洲已拥有136间,在马来西亚拥有40间分店遍布全国,我们的团队目前在马来西亚拥有21家分店。我们的商业模式是“店找人,人找店”。我们团队每个月都会有一场线下的商机说明会,时长一个小时。